Windy Van Hooten’s


The famous Windy Van Hooten’s Mystical, Magical Circus is coming to town,
with water-filled glass center poles in which goldfish swim around.

Two hot air balloons lift up the tent and carry it from town to town.

Everyone knows just where it went and watch as it settles down.

It never rains on show day, and the cotton candy’s free.

The circus work is always play, and there’s no permits or license fee.

The tent stakes are made of brass and never leave a hole.

The show lots are always grass, and the trucks always seem to roll.

The Big Top’s made of elastic so there’s always room for more.

The cushioned seats are just fantastic, and there’s red carpet on the floor.

The Big Top’s temperature stays the same. It’s never too hot or cold.

The wild animals are always tame, and the side and quarter poles are gold.

No one is ever hurt and no one’s ever fired.

There is never mud or dirt, and everyone who asks is hired.

The cookhouse never closes and everyone on the show eats there.

There’s cloths on tables set with roses, and four chefs who really care.
The performers have new wardrobes for each and every act.

The clowns are always funny.  Can you believe that?

So when the Famous Windy Van Hooten’s Mystical, Magical Circus comes you way….
if it’s the very last thing you ever do….go see the show….and stay!


– Valerie Perz aka Bunni Bartok


About Shimmy The Clown

I AM.....critter crazy, an animal advocate, a nature lover, a great listener, a character clown, a child at heart, a belly dancer, not quite a snake charmer, a monkey mind expert, a curly girl, a tree hugger, a novice photographer, face painter wannabe, introverted, but friendly, a lover of books, sensitive & compassionate, a bodhisattva in training, a day dreamer, an utterly amazing product of dysfunction, perfect in a slightly imperfect way, pretty easy going, somewhat shy, even-keeled, a heavy thinker, a daughter, sister, wife & friend, quite complicated & very sincere.

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