Happy Birthday to Me


It’s official!  I’m 50 years young!  Happy Birthday to me!  Well actually, I’ll be 50 at 3:05am, my birth time, but it’s close enough right now.

Do I feel any different yet?  No,  not really, so let’s hope it stays that way!

Right now I’m excited because not only have I finally completed creating this website and blog, which has taken me forever perfectionist that I am, but Ron and I are going to Universal tomorrow to visit Harry Potter World!  I am so excited!  A wonderful way for both of us to celebrate our special days (Ron’s bday was the 18th).  We got the tickets via trade and have to use them before they expire in August which is why we are braving the heat and the crowds, but it will be fun nonetheless.  I need a break from reality and this is just the place to get away to…woo hoo!

My Costa Rica minute:  The day is fast approaching!  Trying to keep hopeful and positive about being able to reach my fundraising goal so I can actually go, but admittedly I do sometimes worry a bit.  Still have buy my airfare, get necessary vaccines, find out more about what I’ll need to bring and do, and lots of other preparations that I have to fit into the budget….yikes! Breathe, no worries, it will all fall into place.  I know it!

If you made it this far, I hope you enjoy the site so far.  I still have some little issues to resolve and fix, so bear with me.  I also have lots of blogging to do so I’ll do my best to bring you all up to speed.  Thank you for hanging with me on this journey!

Well, better get to bed.  Have to be at Platform 9 3/4 early in the morning!


About Shimmy The Clown

I AM.....critter crazy, an animal advocate, a nature lover, a great listener, a character clown, a child at heart, a belly dancer, not quite a snake charmer, a monkey mind expert, a curly girl, a tree hugger, a novice photographer, face painter wannabe, introverted, but friendly, a lover of books, sensitive & compassionate, a bodhisattva in training, a day dreamer, an utterly amazing product of dysfunction, perfect in a slightly imperfect way, pretty easy going, somewhat shy, even-keeled, a heavy thinker, a daughter, sister, wife & friend, quite complicated & very sincere.

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