Butterflies in my Belly…


Ok, so this trip has finally hit home and I’m really getting nervous now, still excited, but nervous.  Even though I booked my flight a couple days ago, it still didn’t quite feel like a reality, but today I got the “Important Information About Costa Rica” email.

It’s the “what to bring, what to expect, etc, etc” email and now, now I’m nervous!  I have a much better picture of what’s expected, and I wrote back with a list of questions for more clarification, so it’s very real now!

The email, besides answering some questions, bringing up new questions, and providing more detailed info, also made me realize how much more I need to do and get and prepare for in the next couple of weeks!

I’ve also come to realize that there area a few more out of pocket expenditures I didn’t count on and now have to work that into my preparations.   The biggest one will be having to book an additional night at the hotel.  I was under the impression, from all the info I had, that the last day of the event was scheduled to be the 28th, so I was going to fly out the 29th.   Now one of the coordinators helping with flights suggested coming back home on the 30th in order to get a less expensive fare, so that’s what I ended up doing.  At this point, I needed a less expensive fare since I didn’t book the flight the first chance given me and it had already increased in cost.  I didn’t want to risk it going up even more.

So, now I find out that the last day is actually the 27th.  Lodging is only covered through the 28th so I have to pay to extend my stay another night.  Don’t know how much that will be yet. But this extra expense and a few other minor ones scare me a bit since I’m still trying to come up with the trip balance due and I still have to purchase a few needed things and finish my vaccinations!  Ugh!

One good thing though, the balance due date is Aug 15, but I have been granted an extension, so I can breathe a little thankful sigh about that.

But, this is a go!  Some way some how it’s gonna come together and happen!  I can feel it in my bones even though right now I also feel lots of butterflies all in a tizzy in my belly!


About Shimmy The Clown

I AM.....critter crazy, an animal advocate, a nature lover, a great listener, a character clown, a child at heart, a belly dancer, not quite a snake charmer, a monkey mind expert, a curly girl, a tree hugger, a novice photographer, face painter wannabe, introverted, but friendly, a lover of books, sensitive & compassionate, a bodhisattva in training, a day dreamer, an utterly amazing product of dysfunction, perfect in a slightly imperfect way, pretty easy going, somewhat shy, even-keeled, a heavy thinker, a daughter, sister, wife & friend, quite complicated & very sincere.

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