Wind-Up Toy


Only 9 days till travel time and I feel like a wind-up toy gone out of control!   My monkey mind is wound up and going non-stop…way more than usual!  Time keeps flying by and I feel so unprepared for this trip.

There’s still lots to do!  I have lots of little necessities to purchase, trying to make sure I have all the important stuff for a trip to another country as well as all the more important things like a money belt, calling card, extra glasses, and other similar such stuff.

I’m still putting together a few goofy clown outfits to take along since full clown garb and makeup are not appropriate for the kind of up-close and personal clowning we’ll be doing.

And I still have several tasks to complete like getting a haircut, hitting the thrift stores, the bank for a bit of appropriate currency, and as much as I hate to go there…Walmart which right now has the prices I can most likely afford!

Oh, and then there’s packing….oh gosh that’s usually a big production when I go on a weekend stint.  Imagine how it will be for a week in Costa Rica!  I cheddar to think about it!

And of course, this is all to be fit in somewhere in between working, pet sitting, helping with henna gigs, taking care of my ailing mom & making sure she’s set for a week without me, dance rehearsal in Sarasota, and of course, just taking care of house and home and my own critters before I go!

Did I mention I only have 9 days to go?!

Sheesh! Tired and wired! Ain’t no winding down for this toy!


About Shimmy The Clown

I AM.....critter crazy, an animal advocate, a nature lover, a great listener, a character clown, a child at heart, a belly dancer, not quite a snake charmer, a monkey mind expert, a curly girl, a tree hugger, a novice photographer, face painter wannabe, introverted, but friendly, a lover of books, sensitive & compassionate, a bodhisattva in training, a day dreamer, an utterly amazing product of dysfunction, perfect in a slightly imperfect way, pretty easy going, somewhat shy, even-keeled, a heavy thinker, a daughter, sister, wife & friend, quite complicated & very sincere.

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